Why LaVidaenMúsica?

Welcome everybody to LaVidaenMúsica (LifeinMusic), a cultural fanzine that emerged upon my arrival in my 40’s, a time in which I finally began thinking!! (an unusual thing for me). One of the ideas was: “Why don’t I share my knowledge and experiences with the world?” So, as a YouTuber, blogger or whatever it’s called, here I am, from the bowels of my brain, to the loudspeaker.

This idea of a fanzine comes out of the need to create a community of thinking, discussion, with other curious beings, with people who I know presently (or not!). This is the reason why comments will be enabled, and you the reader will be free to contribute your knowledge or ask questions about each article and video, if done with respect!
Sections in LaVidaenMúsica

Each number starts with Boost section. In this section I interview people who in my opinion are boosts for change, born leaders, or as Eduardo Galeano said in his tale Mar de fueguitos (fires sea), people who “burn life with so much desire that you can’t look at them without blinking, and whoever comes close, lights up”.

ReSonance is an approach from music to the rest of life. Musical energy vibrates with other arts and fields of knowledge. This is a space to share about how other creators and researchers make me resonate.

The Bowels section is an analysis of the creative processes in which I am involved. Situations in the world of composition and musical life in general, and how to solve them or, at least, how I am solving them from my experience, from my guts.

ArteSonías are versions or arrangements of pre-existing works. This section is specially addressed to vocal or instrumental group directors and music teachers. The intention of sharing my ArteSonías with this community is to bring you music that I like, and to encourage other creators to make as many arrangements and versions as you can, since they suppose a great composition school. In each issue there will be a free ArteSonia for you to use as you like, please always quoting the original author!

Next comes SofiasGuitar, the magazine’s pedagogical section. Dedicated to those who are interested in composition, analysis, improvisation, accompaniment, or simply in expanding and practicing your knowledge of harmony. Even if you don’t know how to read music, I encourage you to take a look, as you will surely learn something new or even want to join the music and sing along!

The sixth section, LoudSpeaker, brings us up to date through the cultural calendar, with some proposals at an international level, both in person and online, to nourish ourselves with. Then, news of the most current events, mostly linked to valuable projects that are happening and worth knowing. This section ends with a poem.

And Cocolí? Stay open to be surprised by this character created by Dúa de Pel that connects us with simplicity, humor and absurdity. Each issue of LaVidaenMúsica closes with a delivery of Cocolí, as a final touch.

Together we make possible LaVidaenMúsica

There’s a great team working at LaVidaenMúsica and making possible its edition:

In order to enjoy LaVidaenMúsica, I invite you to join as a patron with a Conscious Retribution:

  1. Value the time and resources offered to you, the training and life trajectory of the people involved.
  2. Think about paying what you would like to receive.
  3. Make a balance between the first two points and your economic situation to decide what you want to contribute.
  4. Breathe… Contemplate the first three points and the amount you contribute will always be well received.

A pleasure to share this space with you!


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