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In our experimental LoudSpeaker, Today’s affairs, section we’ll purpose you a cultural calendar and share some latest news and projects.

1. Cultural calendar
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Thousands of reasons
4. Plácido, go down from the stage
Happy 10th birthday to the Centro Dramático Rural!
‘Cause music in poetry



SEGOVIA (Sp): Recital-concert by Dúa de Pel @ Vasos Comunicantes Festival.

Dúa de Pel opens the poetry festival Vasos Comunicantes (communicating vessels), organized by poets collective Méquina Dalicada.
Thursday 29th | 20:00 | Teatro Juan Bravo | More info


ALICANTE (Sp): Concert on Sonia Megías’ music @ SoniArt festival

Lumina Ensemble from Alicante together with the choir La Mano de Guido from Elche will premiere KR 3. Cruz and perform other works of mine. We will also have a member of the dance company of Asun Noales to perform BlinDate with her body. All this will be in the context of SoniArt festival (name that fits me like a glove) of contemporary music in the MACA Auditorium.
Saturday 15 | 18:00 h | Auditorium of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Alicante (MACA)

MADRID (Sp): The Time in a Thread @ VANG festival

The experimental music festival of Madrid will have my tactile score The Time in a Thread performed by ensemble Die Ordnung der Dinge (The Order of Things) from Berlin, directed by Íñigo Giner Miranda.
Thursday 20 | 19:30 h | Centro+Centro Auditorium

GRANADA (Sp): The opening of the Sonia Megías Library

The Orfeo Conservatory of Granada is the custodian of all my books and music notes, those that accompanied me as a student and as a teacher. It also keeps many current publications containing my music. A few days before the pandemic started, I gave all these treasures to María José and Cristóbal, the conservatory directors, who went to Almansa to get them:

Between October 20th and 22nd there will be a series of workshops and concerts to celebrate and inaugurate this wonderful library.

I hope to meet you at any of these events!



LVeM#0 agenda y Actualidad. Blog: Música y Silencios.
Galician pianist Susana Pérez Otero is making a loving and deep work in her blog Músicas y silencios (Music and Silences) destined to her PhD thesis in Equity and Educational Innovation at the University of Vigo entitled: A look at the curricular elements in a search of a gender equity in music conservatories. Silences in the History of Music.

In this blog, that she is making like a little ant with absolute and attentive dedication, she is compiling women composers that have written for piano. I encourage you to enter and meet there the non-stop work of women composers!

I applaud and appreciate Susana’s work!


Pedro Vaquero makes his dreams come true through his newborn NGO Coloria World. He will be one of our interviewees in Boost section in a close future, and will tell us in detail about his modus operandi, but in the meantime I share with you a couple of works we have done together. Years ago we collaborated with Bubo, a book published by Kolima that works with emotions:

Here you have Canción de Bubo (Bubo’s song), which turned out to be a total success in all ages:

This past summer, Coloria launched Thousands of reasons, a new tale that opens its end for children to make proposals on how to end a war. What a fantastic idea! The script is by Pedro Vaquero, illustrations by Sergio Bonilla, Adriana Ozores made the voice-over and it has my music.


“What a degenerate you are”, says Juan Percowicz (leader of the sect Escuela de Yoga de Buenos Aires) to the composer Susana Mendelievich (another prominent member) as she prepares her sexual service to Plácido Domingo last April in Buenos Aires. Plácido premiered Cartas marcadas, an opera by this composer, in Teatro Avenida of Buenos Aires on June 25th 1995; one of the singers that participated there tells us how amazed she was because she couldn’t explain “where so much plata was coming from”. Now we have it.

Plácido Domingo has been denounced for years because of the many sexual harassments and power abuses towards female colleagues. The most recent news is the participation in this trafficking network.

Some media:
2022’VIII’21.- Sex, sleep cures and promises: How the Buenos Aires Yoga School was a money-making machine, by The Limited Times
2022’VIII’19.- Plácido Domingo implecated in Buenos Aires sex trafficking network, by El Pais International.
2022’VIII’18.- Prostitution, extortion and money laundering at Buenos Aires “Yoga School”, by The Limited Times
2022’VIII’18.- Spanish Tenor Plácido Domingo is linked to a network of sexual exploitation in Argentina, by The Limited Times

It makes me soooo happy when the evil masks fall down…


I first met Adolfo Simón in a course in rare scores I taught at the Spanish ASCAP headquarters, in Madrid back in 2009. I remember how he revolutionized the class with the most avant-garde and outlandish proposals!

Adolfo Simón is a playwright, director, performer, cultural manager and a skilled handler of objects theater. He has been at the head of his project, the Centro Dramático Rural (Rural Center for Theater), which he set up in his village, Mira (Cuenca, Spain), for 10 years now. I was lucky enough to be a resident there a few years ago and enjoy the landscape, the company and those people’s surrealism.

Adolfo organizes artistic residencies, performances, creation of murals in the village, art walks… we will catch him sooner or later to tell us in the Boost section how he did it, in order to inspire new initiatives like his.

Happy 10 years of encouraging creation!


Además de poeta,
media madre,
un rato por las noches
y los fines de semana
costurera diplomada
nutricionista empírica
médica autodidacta
artesana inspirada
un poco bibliotecaria
articulista inédita
algunos estudios
en letras y sociología,
habría que agregar:
hilvanadora de lunas
coleccionista de sueños
-con el respectivo costo
de lágrimas, risas
y desvelos-
es decir,
enamorada indómita
del milagro universo
del movimiento eterno
…de la vida.

Poema Currículum Vitae
Silvia Elena Regalado (El Salvador)

In addition to being a poet,
half a mother,
a little bit during the evenings
and weekends
a bona fide seamstress
empirical nutritionist
self-taught doctor
inspired artisan
a little bit of a librarian
unpublished journalist
some studies
in literature and sociology,
it should be added:
moon stitcher
collector of dreams
-with the respective cost
of tears, laughter
and sleepless nights-
that is to say,
indomitable lover
of the miraculous universe
of the eternal movement
…of life.

Poem Curriculum Vitae
Silvia Elena Regalado (El Salvador)


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