LaVidaenMúsica #0 September 2022

This experimental number of LaVidaenMúsica (LifeinMusic) presents issues that excite me and impulse me to share with you all as a learning community.

In Boost · September 2022 we interview Irma Saiz, mathematics teacher and creator of many of the mathematics textbooks that have been used in Argentinean schools for the last 40 years. According to her followers, Irma’s work has marked “a before and after in the teaching of mathematics in Argentina”. She is a charismatic, funny and tremendously intelligent woman, ideal to open this section!

ReSonance · September 2022 visits a book called Many Lives, Many Teachers, by Newyorker psychiatrist Brian Weiss. From it we extract as a reflection a list of tasks to be done to progress properly during the years we each spend in the material world.

This month’s Bowels · September 2022 section opens Pandora’s box of how to make a catalog with one’s works and not die in the attempt, or at least we don’t yet glimpse death…

ArteSonías · September 2022 presents a bolero for three voices and piano that I arranged for the Fulbright Chorus of Madrid, and which I find a beautiful song: Regálame esta noche, by Roberto Cantoral. The videos of the tutti and of each voice together with the PDF files are a great support to work on this piece with your groups.

SofíasGuitar · September 2022 is the didactic section of the magazine. In this issue we explore the tonic and dominant chords (rest and tension), which are the basics to understand how music works. I also propose a more advanced arrangement for those who know more harmony.

In LoudSpeaker · September 2022 we expose the agenda of cultural events in September and October for you to come and gather. Besides, we share a poem by the Salvadoran poet Silvia Elena Regalado, and we give voice to current news and projects, such as the anniversary of the Centro Dramático Rural, some of Plácido Domingo’s misdeeds, the launching of the book-video Miles de razones or the blog Músicas y silencios (musics and silences) by Susana Pérez Otero.

Cocolí · September 2022 follows the path of a butterfly, and we can read until here.


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